International Women's Day 2024

March 2024

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A piece of advice from: Women in Commercial Property Investment

In celebration of International Women's Day 2024, we spoke with some of our amazing women at Mackersy Property about their experiences in the male-dominated arena of commercial property investment. Three dynamic women, making significant strides in their respective areas within the commercial property environment, share their insights and offer invaluable advice for fellow women interested in the industry.

Sonia Adams-Richardson


Portfolio Manager

What is it like being a woman in your industry?

The property industry has been and continues to be an exciting and rewarding journey for me. I am constantly growing, learning, and feeling proud of my contribution to the property industry's knowledge. However, there are plenty of challenges faced along the way.

In this field, you learn pretty quickly to juggle several balls… you can plan your daily tasks as much as you like, but two days are never the same. The great thing about that, is that a woman can multi-task! The property industry offers the prospect of daily face-to-face engagement with multiple stakeholders to ensure your long-term success.

What advice would you give a woman wanting to get into your industry?

You must be yourself, be positive, and bring your energy and your passion for property with you every day. Some days you might feel overwhelmed, but I learned to just take each day and do what I could to make a difference on that single day, and to make sure I haven’t made a bad decision. 

I have learned that having strong relationships with tenants, landlords and other stakeholders are the most important thing and can provide incredible opportunities and results.


Emily Dennison

Asset Manager

What is it like being a woman in your industry?

For me being a woman in the property industry is not something that I’ve given a lot of thought to – I haven’t needed to. I’m fortunate enough that all the leaders I have worked with have been encouraging of my development as a professional, not a female. They have been more aware of the value in diversity, not only in terms of gender but also in terms of perspective that comes from experience. I have never felt like I’ve been treated any differently to my male colleagues.

What advice would you give a woman wanting to get into your industry?

I would give the same advice regardless of gender. Back yourself. Be assertive. Develop a strong network of colleagues, mentors and other professionals who appreciate you as an individual, these relationships will help you with your career growth and professional development.

Alisa Hansen


Facilities Manager

What is it like being a woman in your industry?

Facilities Management is traditionally a male dominated industry, having evolved from functions such as maintenance and repairs.

Being a female in this industry can be both empowering and challenging at times. It’s important to have strong role models or mentors to share similar experiences and perspectives.

My first manager was a courageous female who had been in the industry for many years. I’m thankful for her knowledge and support in laying the groundwork to my success in this industry.

What advice would you give a woman wanting to get into your industry?

Organisation, communication, problem-solving, technical knowledge, and leadership are key skills for this industry. Look out for learning opportunities to build your knowledge and take the time to understand the various facets of facilities management.

Be curious; we are more than keen to talk to you and share our knowledge so don’t be afraid to reach out.

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