Team Awards 2023

December 2023

Team Awards 2023 Edited

Each year we present awards to acknowledge the exceptional commitment to the Mackersy Property values of integrity, innovation and collaboration made by our team. We have added a couple more awards to the list this year, as we had so much to celebrate!

Asset Manager, Hannes Nel has been named Rookie of the Year for 2023. This award recognises a new starter at Mackersy Property who has added considerable value and made a positive impact on the company for both our team and investors. Hannes has quickly established rapport and credibility with the wider team due to his experience, expertise, and willingness to assist and support his colleagues. Hannes has deservedly received this award for his valuable contribution to the business over the past 12 months and for being a delight to work with.

Team of the Year 2023 was awarded to our Finance Team for their dedication to their field of expertise, our investors, their team and our wider Mackersy Property family. They collaborate extremely well and are always approachable, helpful and solutions focused. The Finance Team have made a hugely positive impact in 2023 and receive great feedback from all parts of the business.

A new addition is the "Stepping Up" Award, and rightfully awarded to Facilities Management Team Leader Alisa Hansen. Alisa is the quintessential “quiet achiever” who simply gets on and gets it done without any fuss and fanfare. After stepping up into the Team Leader role earlier this year, Alisa is now gently putting her own stamp on the FM team. She epitomises the Company values of Integrity, Innovation, and Teamwork which is best illustrated with her introduction of new technology, systems, and processes to lift team performance and productivity.

The Higher Education Award has also made it's debut this year, as more than 20% of the MP staff are undertaking further education. Compliance Officer Kimberley Helmersson is the recipient of the award this year. Kimberley has successfully stepped into her new challenging compliance role, while completing her Legal Executive Diploma, plus completed AML and compliance training (32 hours). 

Mackersy Property's MVP 2023 Award rightfully goes to People & Culture Manager, Anna de Vries. Anna encapsulates our values and spirit of integrity, collaboration and innovation. She has one of the biggest smiles in the business, great positive energy and enthusiasm in everything she does. She is a loyal and long standing employee and epitomises our business spirit.

A big thank you to this year’s recipients for all your hard work. We appreciate you!