'A Piece of Advice from' a Mackersy Property Facilities Manager

September 2023

Alisa Advice from FM Plain black

Facilities management is an incredibly diverse industry. A Mackersy Property Facilities Manager can have a variety of tasks that differ from day to day.

In simple terms, facilities managers look after buildings once they have been built. It is their job to ensure the health, safety and welfare of anyone visiting the property.

Alisa Hansen, Facilities Management Team Leader, has been working for Mackersy Property for the last four years, and has gained valuable experience and insights into caring for and maintaining your assets.

“Protecting your asset is crucial to long-term investment, and this can be achieved by implementing a regular maintenance programme.

Routinely maintaining your commercial property has many benefits, including:
- Attracting and retaining high calibre tenants,
- protecting property value,
- achieving cost efficiencies long term; and
- meeting legal obligations.

We partner with a wide range of contractors that allows for us to build a solid foundation. This then allows our investors to benefit from their knowledge, expertise, and workmanship.

These partnerships are crucial to our role in delivering preventative maintenance programmes throughout the portfolio.”

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